One Free Cotton Face Mask with Every Order

Free Cotton Face Mask Wolfattire India

We at Wolfattire believe that the current circumstances demand fulfilling our social responsibilities and helping India to fight back the battle of COVID-19 in every possible way. Businesses are larger part of society and they are bound to come forward in these situations.

Understanding the needs in these tough times and as part of our duty we are giving ONE FREE FACE MASK with every order.

Offer Valid for Limited period

We wish to continue to offer free face mask for a longer duration but we cannot make you a promise under current circumstances. So this offer will be available for limited period.

How to get a free face mask at wolfattire?

To get free cotton face mask, you simply have to place an order (no minimum purchase or quantity) and we will ship a mask with your order.

What are the Features of Wolfattire Cotton Face Mask?

1. 100% Cotton Face Masks

These face masks are made from 100% cotton fabric. We have used the same material that is used in making our fabulous t-shirts. 

2. No Compromise in Quality

Grey face mask

The masks are made from same fabric that we use to make our t-shirts. The masks are not handmade, these are machine stitched (double stitched) to ensure durability. 

3. Two Layered Face Mask

The mask has two Layers and has good coverage.

4. Washable/reusable Face Masks

You can wash the face masks and reuse them.

Will these masks be available for purchase? 

Yes, masks will soon be available for individual purchase as well.

Which colour Face Mask will I Get?

The Face Masks are available in various colours and the same will be launched soon. We are currently working with very limited staff and resources, so you will get mask from the immediate lot available. For now, the masks are made in limited quantities and in small batch.

Is this Mask suitable for Kids?

No, these masks are made for Adults only.