10 Best designer iPhone X covers & Cases from Wolfattire

Mobile phones play an important role in our daily lives. Just imagine a day without your phone! Scary right? We use them to communicate with our loved ones, book cab, listen to music, play games, watch movies and what not. If you are an owner of iPhone X you know how awesome it is to do all this effortlessly and hence there is a feel to protect your iPhone X device especially from drops and scratches. Of course, iPhone X comes Scratch-resistant glasses and coating but with our fast-paced lifestyle, it can be risky to just rely on that.
Hence it becomes our utmost duty to protect our phones from drops and scratches. Wolfattire brings you fresh new iPhone X covers and cases in India that will not only protect your iPhone X device but also give that funky, cool look that you always want carry with you. Below is the list of our 10 best selling iPhone X cases from wolfattire.com

  1. Galaxy iPhone x cover

Galaxy iphone x covers and cases online india - wolfattire

Looking at the night sky full of stars is always an amazing experience to have. If you love to watch the sky at night we have a perfect iPhone X cover for you, Galaxy iPhone X mobile case with the bright and detailed design printed.

This phone case also is a great choice if you are looking for an iPhone cover close to solid black colour but with minimum design on it. This iPhone X cover truly rocks with the black essence of the iPhone X model.

  1. Watermelon iPhone X Cover

watermelon iphone x covers and cases | Shop online - wolfattire

Summer vibes - long walk on the beach, sun, sand and yeah watermelon to cool off :) This iPhone X cover is a cute illustration of watermelon and that summer vibe that you want to carry. It is one of the colourful, girly iPhone X covers for girls to have.

  1. Beer iPhone X cover

Beer iphone X covers and cases | shop online in India - Wolfattire

This is a must-have for beer lovers, a perfect iPhone X case with beer print for the weekends. Stuck in a boring Friday meeting or lecture and want to convey there is party round the corner with no words just flash the mobile to your friends and get going!


girl boss iphone x covers and case | shop online - wolfattire

    Be confident to take over the world with nothing to stop you. Hashtag girl boss designer cover for iPhone X is the best way to remind you that you are here and ready to conquer it all. This is our best selling iPhone X covers for girls and for a reason :)

    1. GREY MARBLE texture iPhone X PHONE CASE

    Grey Marble iphone x covers and case | shop online - wolfattire

    Grey marble iPhone X case is an elegant phone cover for your iPhone X device. A perfect case at the office and for someone who loves to keep it simple and yet stylish. The case is made up from high-quality polycarbonate plastic and print with a superior quality of details.

    1. BLACK MARBLE texture iPhone X PHONE CASE

    Black Marble iphone x covers and cases | shop online - wolfattire

    Black marble iPhone X case is a cool fit for boys or girls who are looking for minimalist designer iPhone case. This mobile cover gives your iPhone X a rich look and justifies the overall appearance of the device.


    Can't touch this cactus iphone x covers and case | shop online - wolfattire

    Hate when someone touches your phone? We all have been there and wish there would a way to put it ;) Well now you have a phone case that just says that and makes your work easy. Can’t touch this with the cactus design is a funny iPhone case to pop up and have a laugh.


      shhh no one cares iphone x covers and cases online india - wolfattire

    shhh … no one cares is one of the funny iPhone X covers in our list. A perfect phone cover to end a conversation that really doesn’t matter :o  This mobile cover comes with a bright yellow design and a clean typography.


    Walnut texture iphone x covers and cases online india - wolfattire

    Walnut wood texture print case gives a classy look to your iPhone X.


    Pink mountain iphone X back covers and cases | shop online in India - Wolfattire

    Pink mountain iPhone X case is favourite for all the outdoor enthusiast with a beautiful scenery of mountains and sunset.

    All our iPhone back covers are made up of high polycarbonate plastics and provide an edge to edge protection. Phone covers have a smooth matte finish with precision cutouts which feels great in hands. Printing is each case is done via MT3 technology to bring out great level details.

    We ship all over India and you can avail free shipping on Prepaid orders. COD available too. So, without worry grab yourself one of our premium iPhone X cases today! Happy Shopping!!

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