Men's Regular Fit Hooded Sweatshirt - Black
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Men's Regular Fit Hooded Sweatshirt - White
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Men's Regular Fit Hooded Sweatshirt - Maroon
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Men's Regular Fit Hooded Sweatshirt - Navy Blue
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Men's Regular Fit Hooded Sweatshirt - Olive Green
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Men's Regular Fit Hooded Sweatshirt - Grey
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Men's Regular Fit Hooded Sweatshirt - Red
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Pink Men's Regular Fit Hooded Sweatshirt
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Pink Men's Regular Fit Hooded Sweatshirt

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Blue Men's Regular Fit Hooded Sweatshirt
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Blue Men's Regular Fit Hooded Sweatshirt

Rs. 1,399.00 Rs. 1,999.00

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Winter is here! Now all warm and cozy clothes are out of the cupboard. Winter collection demands more of warmer and comfortable clothing. But wearing those same boring sweaters and jackets every year will definitely not make winter enjoyable. To make your winter special, Wolfattire has introduced a premium sweatshirts collection for men with attractive colour options for a modern man. 

What is a sweatshirt?

A sweatshirt is a long-sleeved, loose fit soft pullover, normally worn at the time of athletic activity for warmth or to induce sweating. It has an absorbent fabric and is collarless. Sweatshirts are mostly worn during wintertime. 

Get More warmth and cozy this winter

Our sweatshirts are made from 100% cotton and are 320 GSM. The inside portion of the sweatshirt is made up of brushed fleece, which makes it softer and Super combed cotton makes the fabric breathable. Our Men’s sweatshirt is hard on winter and soft on the skin. 

Long-sleeved with derby rib 

Men’s sweatshirts are long-sleeved and have derby rib at the hip and waist. Derby rib keeps the sweatshirt sturdy at the waistline and hands making it just perfect for winter wear.

Available in Regular fit option

Wolfattire Crew Neck Sweatshirt comes in a regular fit option which is just the perfect option to wear in winter. Wolfattire’s sweatshirt is just the easiest option for your casual outfits. 

Attractive colour options available in Sweatshirt

Wolfattire offers sweatshirts in 5 trendy colours. Black, Navy Blue, Grey, Mustard Yellow and Army Green. Mustard Yellow Sweatshirt, Army Green Sweatshirt for Men, is the featured and fast-selling colours in the sweatshirt collection.

Excellent choice to wear on any occasion

Wolfattire Men’s sweatshirts are just perfect to wear at any time, let you be busy in the Gym or going to a party with friends or small functions, the sweatshirt will never let you down and make you look stylish always.

Army Green Sweatshirt for Men - A must-have wardrobe essential

Our Army Green Sweatshirt is one of the fast-moving and most loved. Army Green colour is mostly admired by every man and you can find at least one piece of clothing of Army Green Colour in every man's wardrobe. 

This long-sleeved sweatshirt is just perfect winter wear with your casual or formal bottoms. You can wear this Army Green Sweatshirt with Chinos, Jeans, Trousers or sweatpants. 

Mustard Yellow Sweatshirt for Men - A twist to a simple casual outfit

Shop Wolfattire’s Mustard Yellow Sweatshirt for men and give a twist to your winter casual look. This bright yellow colour will definitely make you stand out. You can wear this sweatshirt while hanging out with your friends or may prefer to wear this when you have to get ready quickly. 

How to style sweatshirts?

Sweatshirts are the best for casual styling. You can wear it with any casual bottoms. Here are some exciting looks you can try with Wolfattire’s sweatshirts.

Sweatshirt with jeans

This is a very common and simple casual outfit. You can choose any colour sweatshirt and wear it with black or blue jeans, and you are all set to go! If you want to go for a smart look, then you can opt to wear Mustard Yellow Sweatshirt with Black Jeans or Grey Sweatshirt with Black Jeans, these will not only make you smart but also stylish. Choose some white or grey low top sneakers to compliment the looks.

Sweatshirt with Chinos

Chinos are the new trend, you can style sweatshirts with Chinos. Dark colour sweatshirts with Grey or Black or Navy or beige chinos will look attractive and fashionable.

Sweatshirts with joggers

If you are looking for a gym look, then styling a sweatshirt with joggers is the best option. Wear a loose fit sweatshirt with ankle ribbed sweatpants to achieve an athletic and modern look.

Sweatshirts with athletic shorts

If you love doing more outdoor activities and workouts, then your body should feel warm to perform better. So, you can prefer to wear a sweatshirt with athletic shorts to maintain performance and pay attention to your fitness goals.

How to look up to date and modern with a sweatshirt?  

Styling with sweatshirts is very easy and simple. With Wolfattire’s sweatshirts, you can always look trendy, modern and fashionable. Here are some looks which you can try with sweatshirts:

Street style look

For achieving that street style look, just wear a sweatshirt with loose fit ripped jeans and cool sunglasses. You can choose a Black sweatshirt or Grey Sweatshirt and pair it with black or grey ripped jeans. Accessorize with a watch or bracelet and wear a cap to compliment this look. In footwear, you can wear white low top sneakers.

Sunday casual look

For that Sunday casual look, you can try wearing a sweatshirt over a half sleeve collar shirt. This will add more vibe to the regular outfit. You can choose jeans or casual pants or chinos as bottom wear. Loafers or sneakers will definitely complement the entire outfit.

Workout look

For a workout look, you just need a sweatshirt and sweatpants or workout shorts. Complete this look with a pair of Athletic Shoes.

Office casual look

Got wearing those same t-shirts or polos for an office casual day? Then try pairing a sweatshirt with jeans or chinos. For complementing this look you can add a leather watch and low-top sneakers. 

Some best combinations with Wolfattire Sweatshirts

Mustard Yellow Sweatshirt with Black Jeans

This simple yet trendy combo is all-time hit. You can wear this outfit for any occasion, parties, casual wear or even for small functions. 

Army Green Sweatshirt with Beige Jeans or chinos

Dark colour always goes well with colours. So you can try the combination of Army Green sweatshirt with beige jeans or chinos.

Grey Sweatshirt with Black or dark grey Jeans/chinos

Grey is the most common colour so pairing it with black or dark grey jeans/chinos is always the best combination. 

Black sweatshirt with Blue Jeans

This is an old school combination! You can never go wrong with this pairing. For this simple outfit, you can give a twist by wearing cool sneakers or sports shoes.

Navy blue sweatshirt with off-white chinos

Navy blue is another common colour that every man would prefer to have. So you can apply the principle of dark shade with light shade for this as well. With a Navy Blue sweatshirt, you can try off white chino. Grey or black colour bottom will also suit the most.

Mustard Yellow Sweatshirt with Blue ripped jeans

This combination is the perfect street casual. Mustard Yellow Sweatshirt with blue ripped jeans and white low top sneakers is the perfect combination to wear. You can choose to wear a white shirt inside a sweatshirt to make look fancier.

Mustard Yellow Sweatshirt with Olive Green Chinos

This combination of a mustard yellow sweatshirt with olive green chinos will definitely make you look dapper. To complement this classy outfit, you can wear brown leather boots and cool sunglasses.