How to take care of your favourite t-shirt?

Each t-shirt in the wardrobe tells a story. Some t-shirts hold special space in your heart and you love to wear them again and again even after the colour fade. We always have our favourite t-shirts and taking care of them is a must. But always forget to treat this special t-shirt as a special one and wash it like other clothes.

So here are some tips and tricks to prevent your t-shirt from shrinkage or shape out and make your favourite t-shirt stay favourite for a longer time. We all love wearing t-shirts but some people hesitate to purchase because of handling issues, shape out of the neck and durability of the t-shirt.

Here are some Don'ts:
1. Do not put wet t-shirts immediately after wash on hanger or wire to dry. This may change the shape of the T-shirt.
2. While detergents clean garments, but they take away good stuff if used more. So use minimal detergent and no bleach.
3. Avoid putting detergent directly on the garment, they leave white spots.
4. Dry cleaning is extreme, do not dry clean your tees.
5. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight, that may cause colour fading.
6. The neckline of the t-shirt will be very delicate, do not stretch and iron.

Some Do's:
1. Avoid frequent washing, this may cause colour fading.
2. Wash your t-shirt delicately by hand or in the most gentle washing machine cycle.
3. Always wash whites with whites and darks with darks.
4. Flat dry your t-shirt first and then put on wire or hanger.
5. Iron on hot while the tee is still damp. Set proper temperature while ironing your t-shirt
6. If you are pressing a printed/graphical t-shirt don't directly iron, put a paper on the print and iron on it, it will help to avoid fading and wrinkling of tees

Don't want your t-shirt to look like loose gunny bag? Then take care of the following:
1. Do not excessively pull your t-shirt while wearing them on. This will make the t-shirt stretch and lose its shape.
2. Most of us nowadays prefer machine wash but using maximum temperature setting may lead to t-shirt lose its shape and also may result in colour fading. Always wash your t-shirts with minimum temperature settings.
3. Do not wrinkle your t-shirt to remove excess water.
4. Do not over spin or dry your t-shirt in the washing machine.
5. Avoid soaking your t-shirt in detergent water for more than 15 minutes.

What may cause colour fading?
1. Using harsh detergents, soaps and fabric conditioners.
2. Exposure to harsh sunlight while drying.
3. Putting detergent directly on the fabric.
4. Hash hand/machine wash.
5. Excess spinning and drying of the t-shirt in the washing machine.
6. Frequent washing of garments tends to lose its colour faster.
7. Using high-temperature setting while ironing of the t-shirt.
8. Always wash whites with whites and darks with dark to avoid colour mixing.

Follow the guidelines, wash your tee right and it will look great always.

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