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Cotton t-shirts for Men

Why should you opt for cotton t-shirts?

Cotton is the most popular fabric worldwide. It is a strong yet breathable fabric that absorbs sweat, heat and allows air to pass through the fabric. It doesn't irritate the skin and is comfortable to wear. Cotton apparels makes you feel luxurious  

Cotton being thinker in texture is most durable and long lasting. The cellulose in cotton fibre is arranged in such a manner that they give cotton fibres high strength, durability and absorbance. Therefore instead of becoming weaker while wet, the cotton actually gets stronger.

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Fabric is the most important aspect while making tees. So we always prefer 100% cotton fabric to make our tees. Below are some important features of our t-shirts:

  1. Our tees are made up of 100% cotton : 

At Wolfattire we pay maximum attention towards quality and your comfort. We use 100% cotton fabric to make our tees so that they are comfortable to wear.

  1. Soft and breathable :

Cotton is skin-friendly fabric. Our tees are soft cotton tees and breathable too. They absorb the heat from our body and allow airflow. 

  1. Comfortable to wear in any season :

Cotton is best for any season, so our tees. You wear them as undershirts in winter or wear them as main apparel during summer, they will provide you with comfort all the time.

  1. Super combed Bio washed fabric :

The fabric is bio-washed, to make it soft and lighter. So even after many washes, your t-shirt will not become rough or wrinkled. 

  1. Tees are made with high standards

The t-shirts are are made with high-quality standards i.e. standard fitting and are double stitched for durability.

  1. Shop our premium quality t-shirts at affordable prices 

At Wolfattire, we aim at delivering premium quality t-shirts at affordable prices. So that the customers are satisfied with the quality and price too.

Different varieties of 100% cotton t-shirts available at

Crew Neck plain cotton t-shirts for Men :

Our crew-neck t-shirts are the best selling items. They are available in attractive colours and are available from size Small i.e. size S to Size 2XL (some colours are available till 4 XL). 

At Wolfattire you can find new and exciting colours apart from classic and regular colours in crew neck style, such as Army Green Round Neck T-shirt for Men, Mustard Round Neck T-shirt for Men, Chocolate Brown Round Neck T-shirt for Men, Pink Round Neck T-shirt for Men, Maroon Cotton Tshirts for Men so on and so forth. 

V Neck plain cotton t-shirts for Men :

The V neck style Tees are 100% cotton tees and are available in various colours and available from Size Small i.e. size S to Size 2XL.

Plain long sleeve cotton t-shirts for Men :

The Long Sleeve Cotton T-shirts are available in crew neck style and made up of 100% cotton fabric. These Full sleeve T-shirts are available in classic colours and available from size small i.e. Size S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL.

Polo cotton t-shirts for Men :

Our polo Tees are 100% cotton, super combed and bio-washed. We offer polo t-shirts in classic colours and are available from Size small i.e. S to Size 3XL. The polo t-shirts available at are durable and long-lasting and can wear them all day long,  just perfect for your office casuals.

Something More about Cotton - Different Types of Cotton :

Cotton is grown in every country and depending upon the weather and regional features, it differs from each other. Today you can see various types of cotton t-shirts available in the market such as Bamboo Cotton, Egyptian Cotton, Supima Cotton, Pima Cotton, Organic Cotton so on and so forth. 

How to take care of your cotton apparels :

We always find a care label attached to any apparel we buy but often ignore to follow the instructions available on the label. Like special or superior quality cotton, every type of cotton requires specific washing and drying instructions. Below are some tips you may follow to keep your cotton tees intact:

  1. Do not put wet t-shirts immediately after washing on a hanger or wire to dry. This may change the shape of the T-shirt.
  2. Use minimal detergent and no bleach.
  3. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight, that may cause colour fading.
  4. The neckline of the t-shirt will be very delicate, do not stretch and iron.
  5. Avoid frequent washing, this may cause colour fading.
  6. Wash your t-shirt delicately by hand or in the most gentle washing machine cycle.
  7. Always wash whites with whites and darks with darks.
  8. Set proper temperature while ironing your t-shirt
  9. If you are pressing a printed/graphic t-shirt don't directly iron, put a paper on the print and iron on it, it will help to avoid fading and wrinkling of tees