5 reasons why every man should have a white t-shirt in his wardrobe

The most staple and must-have wardrobe essential is a “White T-shirt”. White colour is universal and it gets along with any colour. Below are 5 important reasons why you should have a white t-shirt:

1. Simplicity at its best 

White colour looks simple, sober and attractive. Without putting much effort, white makes you look just perfect. 

2. White goes perfectly with everything

White is a colour that goes perfect with any shades, dart or light. Once you have a white t-shirt, the only thing left would be having the right pair of jeans or chinos to make yourself more appealing.

3. Reflect your personality

White colours always help to reflect your personality as a simple, calm human being and do not favour things like anger. 

4. A must-have wardrobe essential

You can wear a white t-shirt on any occasion such as a party, date, outings, office casuals, shopping etc. and can make your own style statement. It is a must-have item in the modern as well as the early-era fashion industry.

5. Power to make you look incredibly good

When it comes to clothing When it comes to clothes, white is perhaps that one colour that has the power to make you look incredibly good - provided you wear it the right way. So it shouldn't be surprising to see white t-shirts be such a fashion staple for most Indian men.

How to choose a perfect white t-shirt for you?

White t-shirts come in various varieties such as crew neck,v neck, polo, long-sleeved, etc. When shopping for the best white T-shirts for men, the process isn't quite as simple as it initially seems. Different styles and fabrics serve different purposes. Below are some of the important tips to follow while selecting your perfect white t-shirt

1. Understanding the primary use of the t-shirt

First, determine whether you need a white t-shirt as an undershirt to absorb the sweat or a slim fit V-neck t-shirt that you can wear outside? Or maybe you are looking for something that suits both the purposes? In such scenarios fabric plays a very important role.

Most standard t-shirts are made from 100% cotton which makes them comfortable, breathable, long-lasting and easy to care for. Hence if you are looking for something soothing and comfortable to wear during any season, then fabrics like 100% cotton, bamboo are the best choices.

2. Styling 

Style is subjective and it depends upon one's own preferences. The most basic t-shirts have varying style options to consider including neckline, length and fit, which varies from brand to brand. For example, V neck is the best option to wear as an undershirt as you won’t see a neckline beneath the collar. There are t-shirts available with thick materials that you can simply tuck in without excess fabrics inside. 

3. T-shirt Fabric

T-shirts come in various fabrics such as cotton, polyester, rayon, linen, Lycra etc. what fabric you are comfortable to wear is the important question. People may have the preference of one fabric over the other. The fabric should not cause any skin allergies or rashes. Hence Fabric is one of the aspects that differ from person to person.

How should your white t-shirt fit?

A great fit is the most important, as many things like looks, appearance, etc depend on how good your t-shirt fits you. Actually getting a great fit is trickier. To have a great fit -shirt, one should always know

  1. Your sizes and shapes 
  2. Every brand has their own cut, therefore, size M of one brand may be size L in another.
  3. Once you identify your perfect fit brand, then buy all your basic tees from the same brand so that they will be just right always.

But what exactly do we mean by a perfect fit? Here are some important points that you should consider while determining a perfect fit t-shirt:

1. Collar

A T-shirt should always sit against your shoulders at the base of your neck, if you can see the pecs or collarbones, then it's loose. 

2. Shoulders 

The shoulders should not be too wide. The stitching should sit at the end of your shoulder, at the right angle where it meets your arm. That means you can move without the fabric pulling. If it falls down your arm, it’s too big; if it’s nearer your collarbone, it’s too small.

3. Chest

A T-shirt should not be too tight on your chest or it should not pull under your armpits. There should be some space to breathe and move around.  

4. Sleeves

Sleeves should hit the middle of your biceps. Pay attention to both length and width. Your sleeve should end about halfway between your armpit and elbow. If your sleeves are too close to the elbow, then that will make your arms look shorter. 

5. Length

The length of the t-shirt should be up to your mid-fly. The t-shirt should go about two inches past your waistband. If it goes longer than mid-fly then the t-shirt is long and it will make you look shorter.

There are various fits available in a white t-shirt:

1. Slim fit white T-shirt:

Slim fit tees best work as undershirts as they hug the shape of your body. They are also known as body fit tees.

2. Regular Fit White T-shirt:

Regular fit tees are slightly loose fit than slim fit tees and covers or hide that extra baggage your body is carrying.

3. Muscle Fit White T-shirt:

Muscle fit tees are the tight body-hugging t-shirts and are most loved by Men with a broader shoulder and muscular body types. These muscle tees are mostly loved by gym lover groups to show off and flaunt.

4. Baggy White T-shirt

Baggy tees were very popular in the '90s and have made a comeback. Baggy tees are a loose fit and slightly wider in the sleeve areas. 

Now that you know how a t-shirt is supposed to fit, it might be a good idea to check out your current t-shirt collection. Do they fit properly?

If they're too long, you can get them hemmed. This is a great option if you already have some that you love but that is too long. You can even get the sleeve alteration from a tailor or simply roll them up to nail that sporty look. But if the shoulders are too wide, you can't fix that, so it's best to replace the shirt with one that fits properly.

What are the various neck styles available in a white t-shirt?

The white t-shirt comes in various neck styles such as crew neck, v neck, polo. Henleys, etc. Below are some most popular necklines that are given the t-shirt a modern touch:

1. Crew Neck White T-shirts

The crew neckline is the most popular, old and very loved neck style in the t-shirt. These are comfortable to wear and carry on. It is characterized by a round neckline that fits in a comfortable manner and works best on men with long, narrow faces and sloped shoulders to create a well-rounded body shape. Crew necks are best to give you that timeless look. 

2. V Neck style White T-shirts

As defined by its name V neck t-shirts come in V type necklines and form a V shape at the neck. These are best suited for men with round faces and broader shoulders as it flatters their body by giving them a slimmer look.

3. Henley - Y neck style White T-shirts

A henley or y neckline t-shirt is a collarless t-shirt with buttoning placket in front. This is a hybrid of crew neck and v necklines. The placket is usually two or three inches long and fits perfectly over well built and muscular body type.

4. White Polo T-shirts

Polo style tees are mostly worn by Golf players and are also preferred as office casuals. Polo’s come with a collar and buttoned placket in front which provides it with a much sophisticated yet casual look. Polo’s are one amongst the must-have wardrobe-essentials.

5. Scoop Neck Style White T-shirts

The scoop neck is another variation of the crew neck where the round neckline hangs a few inches below the collarbone.

Are different T-shirt styles available in White T-shirts?

White Tees are available in various styles. Below are top rated t-shirt styles:

1. Pocket Style White Tee:

These tees have a pocket on the left side corner of the chest. Pocket is a complementary and interesting addition.

2. Hooded Style White T-shirt:

Hooded style tees are the new style quotient. They are perfect as gym wear, travel wear. This is the best style of a t-shirt.

3. Printed White T-shirt:

Printed t-shirts are the new wardrobe essentials and considered as moderate outfits. From Printed slogans to customised designs, printed tees are the most demanded style of tees in this modern era. 

4. Plain White T-shirt

Plain tees are the classic and timeless style of wearing t-shirts. They are the staple of every man’s wardrobe. The white t-shirt is a must-have item in this era of fashion. Plain tees can be styled in many different ways and will never go out of fashion.

When it comes to casual attire, t-shirts are the first fashion item which you look out for. The cool thing about the white t-shirt is that you can style them in millions of ways and slay your looks. 

Here are the Top 11 ways to wear your Plain White T-shirt and look stylish:

1. Plain crew neck white t-shirt with a Black jeans 

This look can be considered as classic and can never go wrong within this look. You can wear a Plain white t-shirt with a pair of Black jeans with sneakers on and can flaunt your looks.

2. Plain crew neck White T-shirt with Bomber Jacket

Nothing is more classic than crew neck t-shirts. Whether you go for a skinny fit or slim fit or regular fit, the crew neck will always look great with a jacket or a shirt. You can consider pairing the white crew neck t-shirt with a bomber jacket, both having symmetrical necklines. This attire can work on any occasion and is easy to carry.

3. Plain Crew Neck White T-shirt with Blazer

To achieve this look simply switch Bomber Jacket with a Linen Blazer. This look is inspired by American prep style. Just pair it with classic trousers, a pair of sunglasses and loafers on to complete the look.

4. Plain Crew Neck White T-shirt with Classy Chinos

White being a universal colour, it goes well with any colour. Now the search left is which colour chino pants you would love to have with a plain crew neck white t-shirt? Complete this look with a pair of sneakers or loafers. This is just the perfect outfit for summer.

5. Plain white V neck T-shirt with shorts

This look to get you to summer-ready. Just pull off your white v neck t-shirt, pair of printed shorts, casual shoes on with a pair of quirky sunglasses- just a perfect poppy look to welcome sunshine.

6. Plain White Polo T-shirt with Trousers

Heading out for an office party or golf course or tennis court, polo’s give you that perfect casual yet semi-formal look. Just match your White Polo T-shirt with a pair of Dark Navy Blue or cream or beige colour chinos or trousers with a pair of sneakers.

7. Printed White T-shirt with jeans

You can pick any slogan or design, get it printed on your white t-shirt. Printed T-shirts serve as a medium to express your thoughts. You can use exciting/poppy colours or can go with black colour to have your design or slogan printed. Flaunt it with some relaxed fit jeans.

8. Sleeveless White T-shirt with shorts or slim-fit jeans

You can add this look in your summer essential styles. Sleeveless white t-shirt with printed shorts or slim-fit jeans and sneakers- that's what you need. Wear some sunglasses to complete this look.

9. Open shirt + white Tee + Dark Jeans

A white tee is a canvas and you can layer it the way you want. So, layering a plain white t-shirt with an unbuttoned checked shirt and a pair of dark jeans will be a convenient option.

10. Plain White T-shirt with a suit

Looking for your weekend staple and eye-catchy appearance? Just try a soft, high-grade white cotton t-shirt with a well-cut dark suit. Tuck the t-shirt in and complement this look with a pair of smart white trainers.

11. White T-shirt with Dungarees

Dungarees are mostly common in teenage groups. Plain white crew neck t-shirt or any smart designed graphic white t-shirt or striped white t-shirt along with dungarees and a pair of sneakers or trainers can make you look more stylish and unique.

How to take care of your favourite White Tee?

The search for the perfect white t-shirt is not an easy-going quest, so you always want to keep your favourite white t-shirt stain-free and fresh as long as possible. Unfortunately, there are certain things in your wardrobe that will make your t-shirt turn grey over time or lose its shape or pick up a certain stain. Most common ways are spilling of coffee, food stains or dirt marks. 

But you can follow these simple steps and keep your favourite white all white

1. Wash Regularly

Regular washing brakes down the fabric and mean they don’t live for longer. But leaving white items unwashed has the same effect. Perspiration and grime build up over time, so you need to wash to stop these things causing permanent stains. You can adopt a practice of washing your white tee after every other wear. 

2. Keep it separate

Never wash whites with colours. Washing machines have now mixed settings, whereby you can wash whites with colour ones, but colourfast items leak minuscule dye particles, which can transfer and, over multiple washes, turn your white tees grey. Even if your white tee has something thin stripes or a small print on them (mostly white tees), don’t mix them with your all-whites.

3. Tips to keep them brighter

Excessive use of Bleach can make your tee turn grey and over the time bleach weakens the fabric. You can try below ingredients (easily available in the kitchen) to keep your whites brighter and sparkling:

a. White vinegar: Acetic acid present in the White vinegar helps to break down dirt. Add half cup of White Vinegar to your washing machine along with your regular Detergent in the fabric softener drawer. As you have mixed this with soap it will not leave any smell and soap residue will make your t-shirt brighter.

b. Lemon juice: Combine 125ml of lemon juice – fresh not bought – with eight litres of hot water and soak your t-shirt for at least an hour. Then wash as normal.

c. Bicarbonate of soda. Bicarb is salt that breaks down acid build-up. Since it also removes odours, it’s particularly good for getting rid of those yellow sweat and deodorant stains in the underarms – make a paste, smear it on and leave overnight, then wash as usual. For general whitening, add a cup straight to your washing machine in the softener drawer.

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