7 T-shirt colours every Man should have in his wardrobe

T-shirts are the most comfortable to wear and always get top priority in the shopping list. We find t-shirts with a variety of colours and different styles. Sometimes we get so confused, probably end up buying the same colours which we already have. Below is the list of 7 best colours that every man should have to keep his wardrobe more colourful, trendy and up to date.

7 t shirt colours every Man should have in his wardrobe | Wolfattire

We will split these seven colours into 3 categories:

  1. Classic Colour Tees 
  2. Warm Colour Tees 
  3. Cool Colour Tees 

Classic Colour Tees: 

Classic t-shirts for Men | Black White and Grey T shirts | Wolfattire

As the name suggests, we can define Black, White and Grey colours under Classic Category. We can find these three colour clothes more in every person’s wardrobe. So these colours are must-have essentials. People following the minimalist approach, always prefer Black or White or Grey T-shirts as a staple. 

Black T-shirt For Men

Black Crew Neck T shirt for Men | Wolfattire

The black t-shirt is the most worn item in a man’s wardrobe. Black T-shirts come in various styles, some of the popular and most worn are Crew Neck Style, V Neck Style, Polo, Sleeveless Black T-shirt, Full Sleeve Black T-shirt, Henley style T-shirt. Below are 5 important reasons why you should own a Black T-shirt:

1. Perfect colour for anyone

Black is a neutral colour. It suits anyone. Let you be slim or chubby, the Black colour will never put you down in styling. 

2. Sophisticated Look

Black brings a sense of sophistication to your looks. It pops out your personality beautifully.

3. Hides your excess baggage

Black makes you look thin. By wearing the Black T-shirt you can always hide that extra baggage and look perfect every time.

4. Must have Travel essential

For most of the travellers, the Black t-shirt is the must-have, as it does not look dirty even if you are wearing it for a longer time. If you sweat a lot, then Black is the perfect option to wear, as Black is a dark colour your sweat is not visible. 

5. Easy to carry and style

A Black T-shirt is a comfortable and most worn item, it provides you with a sense of comfort and goes well with chinos or jeans or trousers or even shorts, so styling with Black T-shirt is easy. 

For most of the celebrities and other people, there is no other colour than Black, we find them only in Balck. We all love the black colour a lot. So here are 5 best looks to choose from and look stylish:

1. The evergreen Black Crew Neck t-shirt with Jeans

This is the best evergreen combo under relaxed casual wear. For that function and fashion look, dress in a black crew-neck t-shirt and light blue ripped jeans or black jeans. To make this look cooler, wear Black and White Sneakers to transform your looks.

This style is perfect for any group of folks, no age limit to carry this attire. You can add a bomber jacket to add more creativity.

2. Black Crew Neck T-shirt with Black or Grey Tracksuit

Searching for the best gym or workout wear? Then what is the best combo than Black Crew Neck or V neck t-shirt with Black or Grey Tracksuit? Just go for it and complete your perfect gym look with sports shoes. 

You can also go for a contemporary look with this option, just switch your sports shoes with sneakers. 

3. Black Plain Crew Neck T-shirt with chinos

To achieve relaxed dressing with a modern touch try Black Plain Crew Neck T-shirt tucked in with Beige Chinos, Brown Leather Low top sneakers and Dark Brown sunglasses. 

Now you can just play along with this, try different colour chinos such as olive chinos, White Chinos, Cream chinos, Black chinos or Brown Chinos. Just remember to pair them up with proper sneakers or shoes, sunglasses and a watch. You can also add Blazer to get that function look.

 4. Black Plain Crew Neck T-shirt with off white Shorts

Holiday plans? Look amazing with Black crew Neck T-shirt, off white cotton shorts and off White leather low top sneakers.

You can go for Black Print Crew neck t-shirt instead of a plain one and instead of cotton shorts go for denim shorts. Print on a t-shirt will add more vibe to the look.

5. Black Crew Neck t-shirt with grey or beige suit

To get that neat casual look, go with a Black Plain crew neck t-shirt and Grey striped suit. Added Black Leather Loafers, Black Leather Watch and Black sunglasses will give a more elegant and sophisticated look.

For alternate, you can replace Grey suit with Beige Suit and look amazing as always.

These are just a few basic styles with a black t-shirt, you can do infinite styles and make your own style statement. Styling with Black T-shirt is easy. Black T-shirts can be worn on any occasions like First date or Party, Hanging out with friends or office Dinner Parties. So Don’t forget to add a Black T-shirt to your shopping list.

White T-shirt For Men

White Crew Neck T shirt for Men | WolfattireThe second colour that can be considered under Classic Category is White T-shirt, another must-have wardrobe essential. White Colour is like a canvas, you match it up with anything and it just gives you a perfect look every time. The stands for peace, purity. It reflects your personality as a calm, sober pure person. 

Unlike Black T-shirts, White T-shirts for Men come in various neck styles such as White Crew Neck T-shirts, White V neck T-shirts, White Polo T-shirts.

We all have our favourite whites and we preserve them. Here are a few reasons why there should be a white t-shirt in your wardrobe:

1. Match up with anything

White T-shirt goes well with anything and any colour. So you need to worry about your outfit if you are wearing white. It actually saves your time in finding perfect match jeans or trousers!

2. Makes your personality look sober

As the colour itself stands for peace, it adds that attribute to the person’s personality wearing a white T-shirt. 

3. White makes you look good effortlessly

White clothes make you look incredibly good provided you wear them in the right manner. 

4. Smart casual wear

A white T-shirt is smart casual wear. You look sharp, simple yet stylish wearing White.

Below are some important tips and 5 best styles to slay with a white T-shirt:

1. White Crew Neck T-shirt with Jeans

A T-shirt with Jeans is a hit combo. Combination of White Plain Crew Neck or White V neck plain t-shirt with Blue or Black Jeans is one of the best ways to style smart. You can add a Checked Long Sleeve Shirt or shirt jacket to achieve that functional look. Complement this outfit with white leather low top sneakers and classy sunglasses.

You can also go for a straight forward casual look with White Crew Neck or V neck Plain T-shirt, Black or light blue ripped Jeans and low top white sneakers. You can add a Black leather watch.

2. White Crew Neck T-shirt with Grey Checked Dress Pant

Combine White Plain Crew Neck T-shirt with Grey checked Dress Pant, to achieve that clean yet funky look. Add a pair of Brown loafers to complete this look. 

Heading out with friends? No second thoughts, just pull out your best Crew Neck White Print T-shirt and Black or Navy Blue Chinos put on some Black and White Low Top Sneakers and a sports watch to complete the dress up.

3. White Crew Neck T-shirt With Mustard Shorts

Want to look cool yet casual in a flash? Try Crew Neck Plain White T-shirt with mustard shorts on them and white low top sneakers. To add some more spice, you can wear Black sunglasses.

You may also try pairing White V Neck Plain T-shirt with denim shorts and a red and white check overshirt. Wear some white High Top sneakers and Black sunglasses to complete the look.

4. Men’s White Crew Neck or V Neck T-shirt with Blazer

To bring class to your casual attire, you can pair White Crew Neck or V Neck Plain T-shirt with a Navy ripped jeans, Navy Leather Derby Shoes and Navy Embroidered Blazer. To finish off this look you can add a white pocket square and a stunning silver watch.

5. White Polo T-shirt with Trousers or Chinos or printed Shorts

White polo t-shirt has a class in itself. You can Pair it with a Grey or Black or Navy Blue Chinos, Brown Leather Loafers, classy black sunglasses and silver watch, to get that sharp look.

For that pool party look, you can pair White Plain Polo T-shirt with Navy Blue Printed shorts or light Blue Denim shorts, with White espadrilles and brown sunglasses.

Grey T-shirt For Men

Grey Crew Neck T shirt for Men | WolfattireToday’s generation gets more attracted to simple and plain t-shirts rather than funky or glossy ones. Simple Grey T-shirt fits into this thought and therefore we see Grey T-shirts are favourite for many people. Grey Colour comes under the neutral colour list, and therefore suits any skin tone. Why Grey T-shirt?

1. Grey makes you look sober and sophisticated.

Every person wearing Grey looks amazing, as it enhances the personality to look more sober and sophisticated. This colour has no age bar, from a small child to old age people, everyone looks just perfect in Grey.

2. Grey virtually enhances your body shape.

If you have that showcase body, then Grey colour t-shirt is a must-have. Your body shape looks more enhanced virtually with Grey T-shirt. Just be careful with the sweat patches, as this colour cannot hide them and patches are visible.

3. Grey goes just perfect with any colour.

Wear any colour trouser or jeans or chinos, it goes well with anything. You can buy a grey t-shirt and pair it with different bottom wears.

4. More tends towards formal than casual

Grey colour tends more towards formal than casual colours. So they just go well for your formal office wear. 

Below are some best styles you can try for styling Grey T-shirt:

1. Charcoal Grey Crew Neck with Light Blue Jeans

Show off your skills in styling easily, just pair Charcoal Grey Crew Neck Plain T-shirt with Light Blue Jeans, to finish off this look, wear a Black Leather Sports Watch and White Athletic shoes.

You can also add a Black overcoat to complement the look. 

Grey Crew Neck T shirt for Men | Wolfattire2. Grey Polo T-shirt with Dark Blue Jeans

To achieve that formal yet some twist of casual attire, pair your Plain Grey Polo T-shirt with Dark Blue Jeans, Dark Brown Belt and Dark Brown loafers. 

3. Charcoal Grey Crew Neck T-shirt with Blue ripped Shorts

Look stylish effortlessly in a charcoal grey crew neck t-shirt and Blue ripped shorts with white athletic shoes. Crew Neck with shorts is an amazing choice for a casually stylish look.

4. Grey Plain T-shirt with Black Chino and striped overshirt

This combo of Grey Plain Crew Neck or V Neck T-shirt with Black chino looks elegant and modern outfit that every man should have in his wardrobe. To complete this look introduce a Grey striped overshirt, pair of Black sneakers and Black sunglasses.

5. Men’s Grey Crew Neck Full Sleeve T-shirt with Black Jeans

If you are looking for a casual yet dapper look, then go for Grey Crew Neck Full sleeve T-shirt and Black Jeans. Introduce Brown Leather Boots to complement the look.

6. Grey Crew Neck T-shirt with Black sweatpants

If you're looking for that street style, then go for a Grey plain Crew Neck T-shirt with Black sweatpants and white or grey sports shoes for that more refined take.

You can style effortlessly when it comes to Grey or any shades of grey colour.  So don't forget to add to your wardrobe any magical shade of Grey for that sophisticated and complete look.

Warm Colour Tees:

Colours add life and cheer to a living space. They set moods and are associated with specific human emotions. Warm colours are often vivid and bold in nature. They make you feel energetic and lively when you look at them. Wearing warm colours are important in every person’s life and hence shopping these colours are sometimes a bold move for some people. There are many colours which we can consider warm. Below are 2 warm colours which every man should have in his wardrobe:

Maroon T-shirt for Men:

Maroon Crew Neck T shirt for Men | WolfattireThe maroon colour is a dark reddish-purple or dark reddish-brown colour. In the modern era, maroon has quickly become a colour of style statement. We can find varieties of fashion clothing that are completed with maroon colour. From scarfs to sweaters and from t-shirts to suits, from wallets to shoes, you can wear it and make your own style statement. 

Maroon goes well with other off-trend colours and a variety of different patterns, so it can easily be adapted to suit your own personal style. Below are 5 ways exciting ways to style your Maroon T-shirt and look amazing:

1. Maroon Crew Neck t-shirt and Blue Jeans

Maroon Crew Neck T-shirt with Blue Jeans is the perfect combo.

To flaunt a casual look try Maroon Crew Neck Plain T-shirt with Blue jeans and Burgundy Jacket. A pair of black high top sneakers and a silver watch will add a great deal to this combination.

2. Maroon Plain Crew Neck T-shirt with Black Chinos

Maroon Plain Round Neck T-shirt paired with Black chinos is the simple, elegant yet modern look.  Wear White canvas Low Top Sneakers to complete this amazing look.

You can also try white or beige chinos instead of Black to try different looks.

3. Maroon Crew Neck T-shirt with Navy Blue shorts

If you're looking for a casual but sharp outfit, then try mixing Maroon Crew Neck T-shirt with Navy Blue shorts, added Black sunglasses, Black Leather Watch and White canvas High Top sneakers. 

You can also try Plain Maroon Polo t-shirt with Grey shorts. For a relaxed casual outfit add Black Low top sneakers and silver watch for a modern touch.

4. Maroon Polo with Black Bomber Jacket and Grey Wool Dress Pants

Black Bomber Jacket and grey wool dress pants are amazing when married together with a Plain Maroon Polo T-shirt. For that polished look add white canvas low top sneakers and Black sunglasses. 

5. Maroon Polo T-shirt with skinny jeans and Grey Blazer

This casual combination of Maroon polo t-shirt with Black skinny jeans and Charcoal Herringbone Blazer is just perfect for a modern guy. To finish off this ensemble wear a pair of Brown Leather Boat shoes, Black Leather watch and Black canvas belt.

Maroon is the colour that every modern guy should have in his wardrobe. It's very easy to look modern and stylish in a maroon t-shirt. Just Give it a try!

Brown T-shirt for Men :

Chocolate Brown Crew Neck T shirt for Men | WolfattireBrown is another colour under the warm colour category that every man should have in his wardrobe. Brown is the colour of earth. It reflects stability, warmth and honesty. It is a natural, neutral colour that is typically associated with the seasons of fall and winter. 

Brown comes in various shades, Dark Brown, Light Brown, Toback shade etc. You can find these colours match with every bottom wear and styled smartly, look incredible. Brown t-shirts are available in various styles like Crew Neck Style, Full Sleeve, Polo style, Henley style etc.

Below are some modern ways of styling you brown t-shirt in a unique way:

1. Brown Polo T-shirt with Beige Dress Pants and Brown woven leather Loafers

For a properly refined getup consider wearing a Brown Polo T-shirt with Beige Dress Pants. Add brown woven leather loafers and Black sunglasses to complete the look. You can also add other accessories such as a silver watch and silver bracelet to this outfit.

Chocolate Brown Crew Neck Half Sleeve T shirt for Men | Wolfattire2. Men’s Brown Crew Neck T-shirt with blue ripped shorts

You'll be surprised at how extremely easy it is to get dressed like this for a holiday mood look. Just a brown crew-neck t-shirt paired with blue ripped shorts. 

3. Brown Crew Neck T-shirt with skinny Blue jeans 

When you have zero time to dress up, then a casual pairing of Brown crew neck t-shirt and blue skinny jeans is a real lifesaver. You can add a grey plaid long sleeve shirt as an overshirt and white leather low top sneakers to complete the look.

4. Brown Crew-neck T-shirt with Navy or Black Chinos

The combination of a brown crew-neck t-shirt and navy chinos is super easy to pull together. Complete this getup with grey suede low top sneakers.

5. Brown Crew Neck T-shirt with a charcoal suit

For that functional attire, pair a Brown Crew Neck Neck T-shirt with Charcoal Grey suit. Complete this look by introducing Brown Leather Oxford Shoes and  White Pocket Square. Dark Brown Leather Belt and dark brown leather watch can be other accessories that will go well with this outfit.

From casual look to functional look, Brown colour is always the lifesaver and you can style it in many different ways. 

Cool Colours:

Cool Colours are calm or soothing in nature. Cool colours include the shades of Blue and Green. By nature, these colours are eye-catchy and pleasant. Warm colours go well with cool colours. We do understand that choosing the right colour T-shirt is always a tedious task. So here are some cool colours that you buy without giving a second thought.

Army Green T-shirt:

Army Green Crew Neck T shirt for Men | WolfattireArmy Green colour is not dark as original Green and not light as olive Green. It is the mid colour that is perfect for everyone. Below some styles that you may try with Army Green T-shirt:

1. Army Green Crew Neck T-shirt, Blue ripped jeans

The perfect casual outfit is something you are comfortable to wear. You can achieve this comfort by pairing an Army Green Crew Neck T-shirt with Blue ripped jeans. The outfit is just perfect for any occasion such as a party, movie date, friends hangout and many such occasions where you need to look sharp yet casual.

2. Army Green Crew Neck T-shirt with shorts

Looking for a super versatile and comfortable attire for summer? Try an Army Green Crew Neck T-shirt with Grey cotton shorts. You can pinon this look by rounding off with white athletic shoes.

You can also pair Army Green T-shirt with light blue denim shorts and white leather low top sneakers.

3. Army Green Crew Neck t-shirt with Charcoal Grey Jeans and Grey Knit Blazer

When you have no time to dress up, pair an Army Green Crew Neck t-shirt with charcoal Grey Jeans and wear a Grey Knit Blazer to achieve that functional look. 

Army Green Crew Neck T-shirt for Men | Wolfattire4. Army Green Crew Neck T-shirt with white jeans 

To get an elegant spin to your get up pair Army Green crew neck t-shirt with white jeans and beige denim jacket. Finish off this look with beige suede loafers and black sunglasses.

5. Army Green Crew Neck t-shirt with black chinos and white athletic shoes

This combination of an Army Green crew-neck t-shirt and black chinos is well-executed and yet it looks casual enough. White athletic shoes are the perfect footwear to this equation. 

Navy Blue T-shirt :

Navy Blue Crew Neck T shirt for Men | WolfattireNavy Blue is the most loved and mostly available colour in everyone's’ wardrobe. Sometimes we see it as the last resource colour if we don’t find any interesting colour t-shirt to buy. Navy Blue T-shirt is an important colour t-shirt which you must have in your wardrobe as you can pair it up with any colour easily. It looks rich and elegant when paired with the right clothing. Here are some styling tips to wear a Navy Blue T-shirt uniquely :

1. Navy Blue Crew NeckT-shirt with Charcoal chinos and Grey Suede Bomber Jacket

This look is the most stylish, simple to carry and easy to assemble. Wear a Navy Blue Crew Neck T-shirt with charcoal chinos and Grey Suede Bomber Jacket. Complete your look with a pair of burgundy leather derby shoes. You can wear a Black Leather watch to get that dressier look.

2. Navy Crew Neck T-shirt with activewear Navy shorts

Navy Crew Neck T-shirt and activewear Navy shorts is a perfect gym outfit. 

3. Navy Crew Neck T-shirt with Navy knit Blazer and white chinos

For that refined casual touch, make a pair of Navy Blue Crew Neck T-shirt with chinos and wear a Navy Blue knit Blazer. White and blue low top sneakers are guaranteed to bring a dose of stylish effortlessness to your ensemble.

4. Men’s Navy Blue Crew Neck T-shirt with Navy chinos

A navy crew-neck t-shirt and navy chinos are a relaxed casual combination. Introduce a pair of white sneakers and brown leather watch to get that polished outfit.

5. Men's Crew Neck T-shirt with Blue Printed shorts

A navy crew-neck t-shirt and printed Blue shorts are a great ensemble that will effortlessly take you throughout the day. A pair of white athletic shoes instantly lifts up the outfit.

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