Yellow is vibrant colour in nature. A delightful thing about yellow is that it is available in many shades. Mustard, gold, lemon to name a few. This allows us to style the colours in several exciting ways. In fact, wearing a yellow shirt need not be cumbersome or time-consuming. Following a few rules, we can style various shades of yellow shirts with ease.

Yellow shirts have gained popularity in recent times. It is common to see male celebrities in yellow shirts or t-shirts.

The purpose of this article is to make it easy for you to wear yellow shirts. With guidance on how to choose other items like trousers and shoes, you will be confident in wearing yellow shirts in no time.

What colour pants go well with a yellow shirt?

There are many options when it comes to choosing a trouser colour for your yellow shirt or t-shirt. Below is the list of colours for trousers that you can pair with yellow shirts:

1. Navy Blue

Navy blue is by far the best colour to pair with yellow. The basic rule of pairing dark shade with a lighter one goes well for this combination. Dark Navy Blue pant with a yellow shirt or yellow t-shirt is one of the classic combinations.  You can choose any shade in yellow for shirt or t-shirt, Navy Blue pants are perfect for every shade.

A light yellow shirt with dark navy blue trousers or chinos can be a staple outfit as formal wear. Pair it with dark brown or black formal shoes, a steel watch and black or brown leather belt to achieve that classy yet trendy look.

For a casual look, you can pair a yellow crew neck t-shirt or yellow polo t-shirt with navy blue jeans. Finish this look with a pair of white sneakers or canvas shoes and cool sunglasses.


2. Khaki

As bottom wear, khaki has its own place in men's wardrobe. It is an intermediate colour that goes well with many shades of yellow. Light or mustard yellow formal shirt with khaki chinos or trousers are the most preferred combinations as formal wear. Leather accessories are perfect to pair with it. You can choose either Black or Brown Leather shoes, watch and belt to get that effective look.

Want to try the casual look with khaki pants and a yellow t-shirt? Go for khaki cargo full or 3/4th pants, with lemon yellow or mustard yellow crew neck t-shirt and white canvas shoes. For an appealing look, you can choose any shade of yellow t-shirt, khaki chinos and a pair of brown loafers.

2. Black

It is a classic, sophisticated and elegant colour in Men’s fashion. Black colour trousers give a sense of authority and will never go out of trend. Black colour pants are the best option to pair with any shades of yellow shirt or t-shirt. Light yellow shirt with Black formal trousers is the perfect combination for a formal appearance. Complete this look with Black Leather Belt, pair of Black or brown leather shoes. Golden or silver watch is complementary. 

One cannot go wrong with Mustard Yellow t-shirt and Black jeans combination. 

A golden yellow t-shirt with black jeans is a perfect party look attire. Choose white or beige colour sneakers for a modern look. You can pair a yellow crew neck or polo t-shirt with Black Chinos to achieve an elegant look.

3. White

Since yellow is vibrant in nature, pairing it with white trousers is spot on. As formal wear, Lemon yellow shirt with white trousers or chinos is the right combination. With this try a pair of brown loafers, Brown Leather Belt and Brown leather watch to complete this look. 

A key to looking stylish is to have fewest elements in attire. Yellow t-shirt with white casual pants is a good example of such an effortless style. Grey or white sneakers go well with this combination. White chinos or white jeans paired with a mustard yellow t-shirt can be a good combination to try on.

4. Light Blue

One of the shades in jeans that will never go out of trend is light blue. Whether it be plain or ripped, it is one of the favourite shades in jeans. To achieve that modern look, try light blue jeans with lemon yellow or mustard yellow t-shirt. Introduce a pair of white sneakers to achieve that elementary look. 

4. Grey 

Unlike Black trousers, we find many shades in Grey colour trousers. Many of these shades go well with any yellow shirt or t-shirt. 

Platinum Grey: This is a lighter shade in grey which looks pale greyish-white in nature. Platinum grey is a perfect contrast for a warm yellow shirt. For a formal outfit, pair platinum grey Cotton trousers or chinos with a yellow shirt, black leather shoes and black leather belt. 

For a casual outfit, pair yellow polo t-shirt with  Platinum grey check cropped slim-fit trousers. Introduce a pair of white sneakers to this attire for a perfectly trendy look.

Charcoal Grey: It is a neutral colour that can be an alternative to black colour. Charcoal grey is more of a darker shade and so can go well with light yellow. A combination of charcoal grey slim fit pants with a light lemon yellow t-shirt is perfect as office wear.

Street styling look is trendier. So pair charcoal grey sweatpants with mustard yellow crew neck t-shirt. White or grey sneakers will be an added element to this look.

Dark Grey: Warm yellow, mustard yellow, or light yellow shirts look good on a dark grey shade. The dark grey colour is very close to black. But it is not completely black. So, if you have a dark grey trouser in your wardrobe, then pair it with a yellow formal shirt. An easy combination to get a sophisticated formal look.

4. Beige

Neutral colour pants can also be an option to pair with a yellow shirt. Any lighter shade of yellow or mustard yellow can go well with beige colour formal pants or chinos.

What colour shoes to wear with a yellow shirt?

There are many colour options available in shoes to pair with yellow shirts. But not every colour or style of shoe blend well with yellow shirts. Hence, it is important to consider the entire outfit when choosing the right shoes. 

1. Black

When considering a formal outfit, black leather shoes are a good option. For the office, consider wearing mustard or a light yellow shirt with chinos and black shoes. 

Colours of trouser that compliment black shoes are charcoal grey, beige, platinum grey and khaki.

Black canvas or regular sneakers go well with casual outfits.

2. Brown

For a formal outfit, brown leather shoes or loafers are a decent option for Men. Navy blue, khaki, beige and grey trousers look good on brown leather shoes.

Brown casual sneakers are an option when pairing a t-shirt with light blue or dark blue jeans.

3. White

White sneakers are a common option when considering a casual outfit. Pair of blue jeans or navy blue trousers, a khaki or grey chino also matches well with white sneakers.

4. Grey

For a casual outfit, grey colour sneakers and athletic shoes are options to consider. Black jeans/chinos, dark grey or jet black trousers go well with grey shoes. 

Things to avoid:

1. Yellow shoes

A combination of a yellow shirt and yellow shoes may not go right. Avoid pairing complete yellow colour shoes. The shades of shoes can differ from that of the shirt worn and it can be a mess styling them together.

2. Yellow pants

If you have a different shade of chinos or jeans, say, mustard yellow, it might be tempting to wear them with a light yellow shirt. But a dual yellow shaded outfit will not go well with one another.

3. Bright colour pants

Avoid trousers in bright red, green, sky blue or pink colour.

4. Yellow colour accessories

Try avoiding accessories like a yellow watch, yellow phone cover, etc.


Yellow is a versatile and warm weather colour to style with a lot of options. Play by the rules to wear it throughout the year. When unsure, avoid bright yellow shades and instead, choose lighter shades of yellow.

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