A Guide to Wearing Black Shirt Grey Pant Combinations for Men

A man’s wardrobe is incomplete without a black shirt and grey pants. These are the basic outfit items that no man can skip. Let it be formal wear or casual wear, a black shirt has its own importance. A Black shirt adds grace and elegance to your looks. The black shirt will never lose its popularity, as it's the first choice for most of the minimalist approach followers. It is the only colour which makes your personality look slick and aesthetic. A man’s closet never goes out of Black shirt or t-shirt. Sometimes black can be the first and last choice.

Grey is a sober and versatile colour that goes well with any colour and you need not worry about a perfect match. Grey pants go well with both casual as well as formal attire. Depending upon the occasion, you can select the style of trousers. Grey pants with Black shirt is a classic combination. It is the most stylish, smart and effortless way to present yourself perfectly. Whether you prefer a traditional or modern outfit, nothing can subsidise this combination.

Combinations of black shirts and grey pants:

There are several ways to style a black shirt with grey pants. Below are some eye-catchy and easy ways of styling your Black shirt and Grey pants.

Formal shirt and formal pants

There are many options when it comes to choosing a formal attire for men. There are a lot of colour combinations for shirts and trousers that one can choose from. A classic colour option in our opinion is the black formal shirt and grey pants. This combination stands out as black shirt matches well with grey trousers. Be it a conference meeting or office party, this combination definitely makes a statement.

Tip: Light grey pants look great when pairing with a black shirt. Choose cotton linen or cotton grey pants that keep you comfortable for the entire day. A black belt goes well with this combination. Black leather shoes will complete the outfit.

Formal shirt and formal chinos

In recent times, there is a spike in demand for formal chinos due to a lot of offices now permitting less formal dress code. Another reason for its popularity is the fact that most of the men prefer chinos as a formal version of jeans since it looks and feels great.

Grey chino is definitely a good choice when it comes to matching it with a black shirt. There are a lot of shades available in grey formal chinos like charcoal grey, platinum grey, dark grey. A lighter shade in chino pairs perfectly well with a black shirt.

Tip: Platinum grey or charcoal grey shades in chinos pair well with a black shirt. Wear a black leather belt and black leather shoes to complement the outfit.

Solid Crewneck t-shirts and Jeans

When looking out for a casual outfit with jeans, crew-neck t-shirts are the first thing that comes to mind. One of the coolest things about crew-neck t-shirts is that it can be very easy to style. A solid black t-shirt is a staple for the men’s wardrobe.

A black t-shirt can be easily paired with grey jeans. A faded or ripped grey jeans go well, considering the colour combination. 

Tip: Avoid solid t-shirts with brand logos. A basic black t-shirt will always look great. Wear white, black or brown sneakers to match the combination.

V-neck and jeans

V-neck t-shirts have gained a lot of popularity for quite some time now and just like a round neck, it can also be paired easily with most of the trousers. A black v-neck is one of the most common colours in v-necks. Grey jeans with black v-neck are a good casual combination to style.

If you are someone who is not comfortable wearing crew t-shirts, v-neck serves as a great alternate.

Tip: Loose v-neck with long sleeves looks odd. A good fit is important when considering a v-neck. White sneakers are a good option when pairing it with grey jeans. You can consider wearing ripped or faded grey jeans with v-necks.

Printed/Graphic t-shirts and jeans

Whether it is a branded logo or a band t-shirt, printed tees are a common streetwear choice among the younger generation. Printed t-shirts in black look cool and are easy to pair with most of the colours available in jeans. Grey jeans, light or dark shade, pairs well and is definitely a choice for a weekend party or hanging out with friends.

Tip: Look for graphic tees that are not very loud with a maximum of two colours in the print. A black leather jacket can be added to the outfit.

Polo shirts and jeans

Polo is simply the best choice when you want to keep things simple without experimenting with your looks. Polos are a regular option for a lot of men. When it comes to colours, black polo t-shirts are versatile and pair well with most outfit combinations. Grey jeans with black polo is a simple yet elegant outfit which looks great on most men.

Tip: A black leather belt and black leather shoes go well with the outfit. Athletic shoes or sneakers will also mix well.

Polo shirts and chinos

Another option to pair black polo is to wear it with chinos. Light shade in grey like platinum grey complements well. You can also tuck in the polo shirt while pairing it with chinos. A solid polo will give a classic look. You can also try different designer polo shirts with a minimum secondary colour.

Tip: A black or brown belt is an option. Wear leather boots or shoes to make a bold statement.

Casual shirts and jeans

Black Casual shirt and grey jeans are a perfect casual mix and are an effortless way to slay your look. You can choose different black Casual shirts to style with grey jeans. Black and white checked casual shirt paired with regular/slim fit grey jeans will take your get up to the more laid-back direction. Wear black slip-on or white low top sneakers to complete this casual attire.

There are different varieties of print options available in black casual shirts. Black shirts with white or red polka dots, black short sleeve shirts with floral print, black vertical print half sleeve shirts, etc. are some popular patterns in back casual shirts.

If you are looking for a casual yet dressy look, then try black plain long sleeve shirt, charcoal grey jeans and a light grey linen blazer. Finish off this look with white low top sneakers. You can try many combinations. Styling with a black shirt is never a difficult process; you just need to pick your style.

Casual shirts and chinos

A black shirt and grey chinos? It's an easy-to-achieve ensemble that you could work on a daily basis. Pairing a black shirt with grey chinos is a stylish outfit. A black long sleeve shirt with grey striped chinos is a versatile casual look. To add a hint of sophistication, add Brown or Black suede tassel loafers into your outfit. You can play along with this look, instead of a black full shirt, try a black short sleeve shirt, grey striped chinos and white leather low top sneakers, this will definitely showcase your style expertise.

There are various shades available in Grey chinos. Black goes well with any shade, so when you are in a hurry and want to dress perfect, then a combination of a black shirt with grey chinos are lifesavers and you need not compromise on style and look with this combination.

Henley’s and jeans

Henley’s are collarless shirts with buttons for men. They come in both short and long sleeves and you can easily pair them with jeans. Wear a black henley shirt with grey jeans as both complement each other well.

Tip: Long sleeves look better in comparison to short sleeves henleys. Mix it with black or white sneakers.

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